Latest Photography

I took these pictures at the Naples Botanical Garden April 6th, 2012.

Fingerprint Study

This project starts off by making impressions of fingers on white paper with black stamp pad ink.  One print is selected and then enlarged to fill a 20” x 30” white sheet of butcher paper.  Using black designer’s color the designer paints the print as accurately as possible.  The designers are study the print and extract from it material to work with.  The requires producing a series of studies that investigate figure/ground relationships.  This challenges the development of the ground or negative space, as well as the figure or the positive space.  This encourages designers to focus on space rather than shapes.  Exploration of edge relationships, asymmetrical balance and proportions with  consideration of a scale that is appropriate to engage a 20” x 30” plane.  The development approach is to analyze the issues that are associated with the problem.  The challenge is to retain the qualities of the original print through the process of making editing decisions.  As this material is being developed, interpreting the design issues through a series of studies takes place in order to produce a final design statement.  During the critiquing process paying attention to how visual tension can activate space, how contrasting elements or unique features can emphasize or bring focus and how repetitive elements create movement is essential.  A 20” x 30” illustration board possess the final solution with carefully craft. The main focus is learning that the problem is how one interprets the problem.

Rendered Section

This is one of my earlier photoshop renderings.


This is one of my favorite photos that I took while I was in Scotland on a two week vacation.  Can’t wait to go back!

Mind Vacation

This was an assignment given this semester by my Web Portfolio instructor.  This is my attempt to come up with an innovative camera.

Toothbrush Forest Mind Vacation

This was another attempt to come up with something creative and a little “out there”.  The mind vacations were a nice break from the everyday school grind.

Narrative Illustration

This illustration is depicting my mood after a site visit.  The site was overcome by weeds and felt slightly overwhelming.